About Us

The DMI California Team

For 31 years, our team has worked with architects and builders by offering complete custom window and door solutions.

Our People

Our team, many that have 15 to 30 years of building industry and architectural design experience, work hard to provide architects and builders the guidance needed to choose the windows and doors that could benefit them the most.

With helpful information and a habit of creating strong, exceptional customer relationships, our staff is here to help you ensure the longevity of your investment

Our Showrooms

Displaying the products we provide has been one of the keys to helping our customers make important decisions. Our showrooms are fully stocked with examples of our most popular products to give you a real-world preview of what you're ordering. Find one near you

Our In-House Services

We have four full-time service technicians to accomodate your needs. Additionally, each of our service technicians is equipped with a fully stocked service vehicle, a thorough product knowledge, and training to service all of the products we provide in a professional and timely manner.

Delivery is completed expeditiously to you when the product arrives from our suppliers. For more information about our Service Department, or to contact, please email them at service@dmica.com.

Armando Perez

Phone - (310) 326-5555 ext 202