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Below you can see more about our wide array of window and door choices. View the galleries associated with each product to inspire your next project and learn about key features that will increase security, energy efficiency, and beautiful detail.

Kolbe Windows & Doors

Kolbe windows and doors can be found in both residential and non-residential projects throughout North America. Kolbe's products been chosen for the homes of many celebrities and professional athletes, as well as for prestigious universities and elegant resorts. Plus, they're often specified for historic renovation projects throughout the U.S. & Canada.
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VistaLuxe® Windows and Doors in a Residence

Kolbe means customization

Kolbe offers an array of window and door collections, along with nearly limitless custom options, that provide architects and homeowners the freedom to create and execute truly unique designs.

Whether you need to match the timeless style of a historical building, meet strict local energy codes or dramatically extend living spaces into the outdoors, Kolbe windows and doors are customized to fit your needs.

See how Kolbe filled this home with windows that enhance its classic style and embrace the beautiful lakefront views.

Residence using Kolbe Windows and Doors

Kolbe means craftsmanship.

Kolbe's commitment to producing quality windows and doors began more than 65 years ago. Their dedication to expert craftsmanship, handmade touches and attention to detail are why Kolbe products are found in some of North America's most impressive homes and most unique buildings.

Every Kolbe window and door is truly built to order. Their craftsmen focus on building one window or door at a time, so they can create custom-built products for even the most challenging designs. If you can dream it, Kolbe can build it.

Take a look behind the scenes to see how Kolbe crafts made-to-order windows and doors.

Kolbe means expertise.

You can't find Kolbe windows and doors in the aisles of a home center. As a qualified Kolbe dealer, we are as passiionate about windows and doors as you are about bringing unique visions to life.

Kolbe dealers are equipped to work with architects, builders and homeowners to determine which windows and doors will be best for every home or building. Visit us for a personalized design consultation. Together, we can make your dream a concrete reality.

For homeowners interested in learning more about Kolbe, please visit kolbewindows.com. Architects and builders can find more detailed information, including energy data, drawings and 3D models, at kolbe-kolbe.com

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Western Window Systems

Western specializes in custom luxury window systems for residential, commercial, multi-family, religious, institutional, and hospitality facilities.
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Custom Home by Architect Cliff Welch, AIA, utilizing Western Window Systems Windows | Photo by Dan Piassick

Challenge the Space around you

Outdoor living areas have evolved from traditional patios to bold, re-imagined spaces that attach to the home and blend the indoors with the outside. These new indoor-outdoor living rooms expand space, frame views, and let in fresh air and natural light.

Western Window Systems is passionate about indoor-outdoor living. Their sliding and folding glass doors are more than just entryways – they’re architectural elements that change space beautifully and efficiently for years to come.

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MHB Steel Windows and Doors

MHB has more than 75 years of experience in windows and places a strong focus on innovative and aesthetic solutions. The result is a range of products that combine superior characteristics in terms of thermal insulation and wind and water tightness with outstanding elegance.
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MHB Steel Windows and Doors at a glance

1 3/16" Wide Profiles, 9' High Glazing

MHB takes advantage of steel's natural strength and durability to create profiles at 3 times the bending resistance of aluminum at half the size. This is especially unique when you consider that MHB's thin profiles are applied to not only the sightlines and mullions but to structural muntins. Through MHB, having staggered set steel windows is a thing of the past.

Classic Traditional to Ultra Modern

MHB's steel window systems are able to adapt to the architect's design, each thermally broken for enhanced performance to future proof your project for decades to come.

Water and Wind Tight

MHB's steel systems are able to conceal a fully integrated water drainage system in the profiles thanks to their superior sealing components. This results in a high level of window and water tightness without any visible holes or rain caps.

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Sky-frame Frameless Sliding Doors

Sky-Frame’s position as the world’s leading sliding window system was achieved through single-minded commitment coupled with profound technical, architectural and spatial design expertise with the location of development and production operations in Switzerland. Sky-Frame products now feature in several thousand properties across all continents. Sky-Frame regularly scoops prestigious design and business awards for its frameless sliding windows.
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Dune Villa, NL 2014 - Frameless Sliding Doors by Sky-Frame Dune Villa, NL 2014. Architecture by Hilberink Bosch Architecten, Photos by René de Wit

We are an official distribution and service partner of Sky-Frame frameless sliding doors.

With ceiling-high door panels, as well as organically curved or inclined glass units, Sky-Frame is the key to individual spatial concepts and extraordinary architecture. True to the Bauhaus vision of "free-flowing space", the sliding doors open up the living area with a flush transition. This allows inside and outside to merge seamlessly into one another. Thanks to the timeless frameless door design, the view is elevated to a fascinating design element.

The Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made and stands for precise engineering and the pursuit of the best possible window.

"A view, not a window"


Sierra Pacific Windows

Sierra Pacific Windows and patio doors come in every operating style you could wish for, plus all the options you could imagine—energy-efficient glazing, select woods, designer hardware, and a near-endless selection of colors, grilles and finishing touches.
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Sierra Pacific Windows at a Glance

Four Basic Choices. One stand of craftsmanship

Aluminum Clad Wood

Beautiful wood inside. Weatherproof, maintenance-free, aluminum cladding outside. It's the perfect combination. Sierra Pacific's wood is select pine, or you can upgrade to one of eight other species. Sierra Pacific's double thick cladding comes in every color you can think of.


For truly distinctive homes, you can't beat the timeless elegance of Sierra Pacific all-wood windows and patio doors. Like all Sierra Pacific's products, long-term durability is ensured by CoreGuard, the best wood treatment in the window industry.

New H3

The H3 is Sierra Pacific's mid-priced window. Recently named "The most innovative window of the year." It features advanced energy efficiency and superior quality. With its inventive Fusion Technology™, the H3 integrates three components, (extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood) into one perfect window.

Sierra Pacific FeelSafe™

Sierra Pacific's hurricane-resistant windows. FeelSafe windows and patio doors feature high-strength, shatter-resistant glass, plus "extreme" engineering and construction. They stand up to the fiercest storm and the most determined burglar.

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JT Windows & Doors

LaCantina Doors are about open spaces. Unlike anything else, a LaCantina door connects the indoors and out. Limitless options exist in various settings.
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LaCantina Doors at a Glance

Seeing a LaCantina door in action for the first time, the possibilities will unfold right before your eyes. Embracing the outdoors or protecting your space from the elements, a LaCantina Door is designed to deliver every time.

Aluminum Thermally Broken

The Aluminum Thermally Broken system defines contemporary design plus performance. Clean lines similar to our standard aluminum system the Aluminum TB is a striking and distinctive system with 2 1/4" thick panels. The system's design allows you to chose different colors for the interior and exterior.

Aluminum Wood Series

The Aluminum Wood bifold system delivers everything you would want in a bifold system. A low maintenance exterior with the beauty of a real, natural wood interior now combined with concealed multi-point locks throughout. Built with the highest quality components, and latest engineering, the Aluminum Wood bifold system is simply the best all around bifold system available.

Wide Open Spaces

Quite simply, La Cantina Doors OPEN SPACE. A large wall opening transforms the space and creates a seamless transition from the outdoors to the indoors. La Cantina Doors are also preferred by designers and homeowners for the narrow 3 5/8" wide European stile and top rail. With clean lines La Cantina Doors also maximizes your view as a glass wall when closed.

Custom Sizes

LaCantina offers "made to measure" door systems to fit any opening. Large openings up to 52 feet wide with 8 doors opening in each direction are possible. Door panels can be up to 39" wide and 9'4" feet tall. Larger sizes and other custom options are available.

Weather Tested

LaCantina performs weather testing on our doors at independent test facilities. Air, water and structural performance results achieved mean La Cantina Doors can be specified for use in most areas. Please refer to our test results and consult with your architect or engineer. Important factors to consider are building code requirements, proximity to the coast and the type of building.

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TruStile Doors

TruStile manufacturers high-quality, interior and exterior, MDF, wood and glass doors for residential and commercial use.
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Plank Alder Door, R2-F by TruStile Doors

Why TruStile Doors?

Design Leadership

Design drives every decision at TruStile. They are on the forefront of trends and are always looking for new ways to change the door industry. Their goal is to make it easy for customers to design doors that fit their projects, not to be limited to the status quo. That’s why they have developed tools for every step of the way and build every door to order to your exact specifications.

Committment to Quality

We use true stile and rail construction to transform rooms in a way that value-engineered doors from other manufacturers cannot. You can see and feel the difference that a high-quality door makes. Our team is dedicated to craftsmanship and to helping you make a statement.

Design Flexibility

TruStile combines thoughtful design, quality construction and cutting edge customization capabilities to provide design professionals, home builders and homeowners dramatic options for both classic and contemporary doors. With a range of materials and design options, TruStile provides the highest quality door styles on the market today to elevate any architectural space.


Pacific Architectural Millwork

Developed by Pacific Architectural Millwork, Reveal Windows & Doors offers innovative, premium quality wood and aluminum clad window, door and timber curtain wall products that create an indoor/outdoor living experience for residential and commercial projects of all styles.
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Reveal Windows and Doors at a Glance

Oversized Panel Availabilty

Spanning up to 36 feet wide and up to twelve feet high, Reveal's Lift & Slide doors create spectacular view walls or when pocketed away inside a wall blend the inside with the outside in a way that few competitors can duplicate.

Bi-Fold Doors

Combine up to twelve panels in openings of up to 36 feet, Reveal's bi-fold doors offers a wide range of options, maximum glass visibility and superior functionality in any configuration you can imagine.

LEED Credit Assistance

As a FSC-Certified mill shop, Reveal is able to manufacter their doors and windows using lumber from responsible sources that can help you qualify for additional LEED credits for your next residential or commercial project.

Z-Series Windows

Available in casements, awnings, and fixed configurations - Reveal's Z-Series Window is the only operable window on the market with zero interior window sightlines.

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Milgard Windows & Doors

All Milgard products are designed and thoroughly tested for performance, energy efficiency and dependability.
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Milgard Windows & Doors at a Glance


To ensure durability, Milgard doesn't leave quality to chance. Milgard produces its own frame and sash components using only the finest grade materials.


Milgard created their own patented SmartTouch™ lock and became the first window manufacturer to receive the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation, and only window manufacturer to receive a 2008 Bronze IDEA award for design.


We temper our own glass, we make our own insulated glass units, and we produce our own vinyl and fiberglass.


Because Milgard offers custom sizes without any upcharge, there's practically no end to the variety of sizes Milgard can offer you in windows and patio doors. If you can imagine it, there's more than a good chance Milgard can make it or configure it.

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Velux Skylights

Since 1941, Velux has lead the skylight industry throughout the world is now the world's largest manufacturer of skylights. Velux is the preferred brand for American contractors according to every national survey of building industry professionals.

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Velux Skylights at a Glance

Energy Efficient

Velux is leading the industry for being the only manufactuer with all standard skylights meeting Energy Star® approval guidelines for all climatic regions of the US.

Exterior Heat Control

The best protection for heat gain is an exterior awning that stops the heat before it hits the glass and penetrates into the room.

Solar Battery Shades

This unique shade (available on certain models) uses the sun to recharge itself, so that you can enjoy the convenience of an electric blind without any wiring to install


The revolutionary new technology called electrochromic glass in Velux electronically tintable skylights allow control of the amount of light and heat that enters a room.

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