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Sky-Frame Frameless Sliding Door System


Why Choose Sky-Frame?


Sky-Frame understands its customers’ requirements. Whether it is urban living in a city flat or unwinding in a holiday home in the country – Sky-Frame boasts the right sliding window for each living concept. The modules are freely configurable, and extra features can be added for enhanced comfort. Sky-Frame provides builders, developers and architects with excellent advice and experienced partners from the idea down to the completion of the individual spatial concept.

Private Residence with Sky-Frame Frameless Doors Sky-Frame Frameless Doors
Sky-Frame Classic Door System. | Photo © Brigida Gonzalez
Private Residence with Sky-Frame Frameless Doors Sky-Frame Frameless Doors
Sky-Frame Slope Door System | Photo © Brigida Gonzalez


Sky-Frame offers aesthetic solutions for the most discerning design and architectural wishes. With ceiling-high window panels, as well as organically curved and inclined glass units, Sky-Frame is the key to individual spatial concepts and extraordinary architecture. True to the Bauhaus vision of “free-flowing space”, the sliding windows open up the living area with a flush transition so that inside and outside merge seamlessly into one another. Thanks to the timeless frameless window design, the view is elevated to a fascinating design element.


Sky-Frame offers the matching features for relaxed living: The Sun shading solution offers protection when the sun’s rays are intense. The Fly insect screen allows residents to enjoy warm summer weather and mild evenings without being plagued by insects. Thanks to the automatic drive, the large window panels can be moved almost noiselessly and, if desired, using a remote control. The heat insulation and soundproofing requirements determine the right Sky-Frame technology: 1, 2 or 3. Sky-Frame sliding windows also fulfil the wish for safety: they are made from safety glass and can also be fitted with alarm sensors


Sky-Frame underpins its pioneering technological role by completely concealing the complex technology and making it wonderfully easy to use. Life always means change and further development – that is why Sky-Frame continuously drives forward the development of new product innovations. Its pursuit to progress and sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate vision. This is reflected in numerous innovation awards the company has received up to now. The Sky-Frame technology is 100% Swiss-made and stands for precise engineering and the pursuit of the best-possible product.


Door Systems

Sky-Frame sliding door systems encompass freely combinable elements that breathe life and light into any style of residence. The organically-curved, rectilinear glass units of the Classic, Arc and Slope systems promise an aesthetically distinctive living experience. Each model guarantees standards of excellence, from the single-glazed Sky-Frame 1 model that lends superior sound-proofing to the double-glazed Sky-Frame 2 and triple-glazed Sky-Frame 3 models that off er additional thermal insulation to meet stringent code requirements. Various add-on features are also available for extra convenience and safety.

Sky-Frame Classic Arc Slope
1 *    
2 * * *
3 * * *
Features (see below)
Fly (insect screen) *    
Automation * * *
Guard * * *
The Classic Door System by Sky-Frame
Classic Series by Sky-Frame | Photo © Brigida Gonzalez


The rectilinear Classic door system has timeless appeal. True to the Bauhaus vision, the ceiling-height glass facades help to create a minimalist architecture in which the view takes center stage.

Sliding panels:
Height < 13'
Width < 7'–6"
Area < 86 sqft (larger on request)
Fixed panel:
< 10'–4" x < 13' (< 135.6 sqft).
Where edge length in both dimensions exceeds 8'–6", double-glazed insulating glass unit used for Sky-Frame 3 system.
Centre mullion width:
1" with height of 13'
Centre opening off set 1 5/16"

Same panels can also be used for balustrade windows


  • Unlock integrated handle on frame, operated by gentle move handle upwards
  • Optional: integrated, elegant locking cylinder


  • 2-, 3- and 4-track systems available; 4-track systems are only possible with Sky-Frame 2
  • 5-track systems also available on request
  • 5-track systems for Sky-Frame 2 require project specific clarification in advance.
  • Side openings, centre openings off set, centre openings on same track, corner openings
  • Any number of panels can be combined, alternate or symmetrical
The Arc Door System by Sky-Frame
Arc Door System by Sky-Frame


The organic forms of the Arc model serve to soften the contours of domestic architecture. The curved sliding panels off er a bold counterpoint to the linearity of the spatial and facade composition.

Sliding Panels:
7' 6" x 13' (max. 86 sqft) with Sky-Frame 2 and Sky-Frame 3
Sound Insulation
Rw, P 37 dB (EN ISO 717-1 / EN ISO 10140) with SkyFrame 2
Sound Insulation
Rw, P 44 dB (EN ISO 717-1/EN ISO 10140) OITC 42 dB (ASTM E1332) with SkyFrame 3
0.33–0.35 with Sky-Frame 2
0.22–0.23 with Sky-Frame 3


  • Sky-Frame Automation on request
  • Connection to alarm systems
    • Position Monitoring
    • Deadbolt Monitoring
The Slope Door System by Sky-Frame
Sky-Frame Slope Door System | Photo © Brigida Gonzalez


The Slope system allows the sliding doors to be installed at an angle. The glass fronts can be incorporated with either an inward or outward inclination. The distinctive spatial geometry off ers a unique living experience.

Sliding Panels:
Dependent on inclination and glass type
Number of tracks (max width x height):
3 tracks
Inclination to vertical (max)
larger than 20° on request
down to 0.33 with Sky-Frame 2
down to 0.22 with Sky-Frame 3


  • Sky-Frame Fly (insect screen) on request
  • Sky-Frame Automation on request
  • Connection to alarm systems
  • Side openings, centre openings off set, centre openings on same track, corner openings
    • Position Monitoring
    • Deadbolt Monitoring
    • Glass Breakage



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Frameless, Pleated Fly insect screens from Sky-Frame


When not in use, the frameless, pleated Fly insect screen fully retracts out of sight into the frame. Tear-resistant tension cords made from Vectran fibre and the integral system section guarantee maximum stability and weather resistance. Fly can cover openings up to 1 m wide.

Learn about Fly
Electric Drive Opening by Sky-Frame Frameless Sliding Doors


The electric drive allows simple and virtually noiseless operation of the sliding elements at the press of a button. The drive is concealed in the ceiling section and allows the window fronts to move automatically.

Learn about Drive
Secure Burglar Resistance by Sky-Frame Frameless Sliding Doors


Thanks to the adhesive bond between insulating glass assembly and GRP sections, and the multipoint locking system, even the standard Sky-Frame model offers outstanding burglar resistance. Various additional components can be fitted to the sliding windows to meet special security requirements.

Learn about Guard
Sun Venetian Blind System by Sky-Frame Frameless Sliding Doors


The Sun venetian blind system with its flat, 80 mm wide aluminium slats offers the perfect solar shading solution for the filigree Sky-Frame sliding windows. Plastic-sheathed guide cords carry slats up to 3 m long to a maximum height of 4 m. The Sun-Box recessed into the floor and the winding mechanism in the blind box facilitate swift dismantling of the guide cords to create an unobstructed opening and their subsequent re-installation.

Learn about Sun
Frameless Fixed Glass Panels by Sky-Frame Frameless Sliding Doors


The Sky-Frame system is supplemented by the filigree post, which has a minimal visible width of just 30 mm. Frameless fixed glass panels can therefore be combined with sliding doors over large areas, forming a flush, continuous glass membrane.

Learn about Inline


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